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Car dent removal and dent repair in Sussex

Dentz are the leading dent repair and paintless dent removal experts in Sussex and surrounding areas. Dentz Paintless Dent Removal is a fast, convenient, low cost dent removal technique that removes minor dents on vehicle panels without needing body filler or paint.

Common causes of panel dents include:

  • Careless door opening
  • Closing the door, boot or bonnet onto an object
  • Shopping trolley and car park dings
  • Foreign objects such as falling branches and fence posts
  • Golf ball or football damage
  • Inclement weather conditions such as hail stones
  • Vandalism damage

Our dent repair technicians each have over 15 years experience of fixing all types of dents on all makes of cars in Sussex. Customers are frequently amazed at the results we can achieve. Paintless Dent Removal involves gaining access behind the panel, then precisely massaging and manipulating the dent using specialist tools, until the panel is back to its original state. In the vast majority of cases the end result is 100% successful, leaving no trace of the original dent.

Please note - it may not be possible to repair very large dent areas, or badly damaged areas due to accident damage. If you are unsure please send us pictures of the damaged area using the contact form above and we will assess the damage and call you back.

Cheaper than claiming on your Insurance

Call us to repair your panel dents with prices starting at 50 it can be much cheaper and easier to use us than claiming on your insurance. Our prices are usually much cheaper than any excess you may have to pay on your policy, and your no claims bonus is protected. And we offer a much more convenient service too our next day, fully mobile service can come to your home in Sussex or to your place of work, and minor dents can be vanished away in less than an hour.

Increase the resale value of your car

The value of a used car with dents can reduce by up to 15% even if they appear to be relatively minor. First impressions count when selling your car, and naturally you want to achieve the best sale price. We can help you present your car in the best possible condition with a quality, low cost body panel repair. We have many trade customers in the motoring business in Sussex, so you can be sure of receiving first class attention to detail and expert care for your car.